Hello World!

Hello World!

Seeing as WordPress auto-generates a first “Hello World” post for you, and given the subject of this blog I thought that creating a true “Hello World” first entry would be very appropriate.

I, as have many of you, have created many “Hello World” first applications in my day, and this post is no different. This truly is my ‘hello’ to the world of blogs and expressing my ideas in public. Like most programmers and engineers, I have always tended to prefer the solitude of my office and of my headphones to interacting with peers and colleagues.  From today forward that is no longer me.

First though, let me warn you, this blog will not be a standard technology or software development related blog, this will be a repository for my thoughts on many things, but primarily, Software Development and the Martial arts.  Sometimes the articles will involve both, and sometimes they will only touch on one of the two subjects, but they will usually involve one of the two.

I look forward to writing some(hopefully) great articles and sharing them with you all in the future.