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Over the Christmas and New Years holiday 2015 my wife, daughter, and I were spending some time in the mountains enjoying the trees and snow.  My wife and I tend to not spend too much on Christmas gifts for each other but this year she got me something that I’ll never forget, she got me a book.

This book was special though, and I’ll never forget that Christmas.  Its safe to say this book changed my life for ever.

The book was Soft Skills, and given the snowy freezing climate I had a lot of time in doors by the fire place to get some good quality reading time in.  So I got to it and in a couple days I had managed to get through the book, as well as another I had gotten The Beer Bible, I’m not a saint!

In the remaining days of our vacation I spent a fair amount of time reading articles at and watching John’s videos, and then I found something, “Sign up for my free blogging course via email”.

I was iffy about it at first. I wasn’t super enthusiastic about giving out my email address to yet another web site, but everything I had read and heard about the benefits of blogging from John’s educational material changed my mind. So I signed up.

After that I started following the guide’s advice and performing the homework, and even though I have no expectation that John is actually reading my responses or actually looking at my new blog, I knew this would be a good exercise for me. This was going to help get me into a successful routine.

The first lesson or two seemed a bit slow, but they got harder, not in the amount of work that they entailed but the amount of thinking that they made me do about my goals and expectations for my own life and career.

After having made all the decisions that I needed to, at least tentatively, I finally had my blog, this blog.  I have greatly enjoyed the journey to this point and all that I have learned along the way.  The resources that John has over at have taught me a huge amount in my quest to become more entrepreneurial minded and I look forward to being able to put it all in to practice over time.

So if you to would like to take John’s email blogging course, you can go here to sign up.  I highly recommend that you go through the course, even if you have been blogging for a while and want to improve your blog or blogging skills.  I believe anyone can learn form the lessons in this course.

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